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Financing丨¥100M in Pre-A Round
2023-05-12 481

It is known that  Muyewei  has obtained RMB 100 million in Pre-A round from Co-win Ventures(凯风创投),  5Y Capital(五源资本),  Redpoint China Ventures (红点中国),  Yiling Capital (毅岭资本). This round of financing will be used for further research on chip products and mass production delivery for Alpha customers.

Previously, Muyewei had received angel round funding from Huaye Tiancheng Investment(华业天成资本),Gaorong Capital(高榕资本) and  Hirain TECHNOLOGIES(经纬恒润).
Muyewei is a professional Integrated Circuit design company with advanced algorithm capability, founded in December 2021, which is dedicated to developing 4D high-precision imaging radar and integrates design, development, marketing and sales, as well focuses on helping the automotive industry to improve 4D imaging sensing capability for automated driving.

The company has set up R&D centers and labs in China, UK, Germany and Switzerland. At present, the core R&D team consists of several PhDs who graduated from world-renowned universities and have an average of 15 years of experience in chip design or radar algorithm in global famous semiconductor companies. They also led the development of the 77-79G automotive millimeter wave radar in Infineon, millimeter wave 5G in MediaTek, and millimeter wave radar algorithm in TI.

Co-win Ventures is optimistic about the intelligence of the car. They think autonomous driving is a grand race track, needs multi-sensors to help. Among them, millimeter wave radar as a key device, which has obvious advantage in the anti-interference, speed measurement and other dimensions. In addition, with the raising price of cars with millimeter wave ,the radar market is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan in the future. And the chip is the most valuable one in the industry chain and one of the highest thresholds of the sessions.