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Financing丨Pre-A+ Round
2023-06-15 612

Congratulations to Muyewei on closing Pre-A+ Round fundraising with two leading investors WestSummit Capital and Yilai Capital.

WestSummit Capital founded in 2010, is a high-tech growth fund based on the Chinese market with a global footprint and co-invested by a number of well-known funds around the world. It has excellent local teams in China, Silicon Valley and Europe. It focuses on high-tech industry, such as semiconductor, advanced manufacturing, enterprise software, big data, artificial intelligence and other emerging technology fields. It has successfully built nine unicorn companies, achieved fat profits and become the leading technology investment fund in its industry.

Yilai Captial  founded in May 2021 was jointly established by WestSummit Capital and another listed company who focused on intelligent mobility technology. Yilai Captial focuses on investing in mobility technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, robotics and more.