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Technology丨4D imaging radar
2023-02-15 327

SL's all-round dressing is updated to a powerful intelligent hardware system, including one 4D imaging millimeter wave radar, four high-density point cloud millimeter 4D imaging millimeter wave radar is on board. Compared with LIDAR and cameras, millimeter wave radar has all-weather detection capability and can still work normally even under adverse environmental conditions such as rain, snow, dust and fog, but millimeter wave radar also has some inherent flaws, including not having the ability to measure "height", which makes it difficult to determine When encountering manhole covers, speed bumps, overpasses, traffic signs and other objects on the ground or in the air, the height of the object cannot be accurately measured.

The 4D millimeter wave radar, however, adds height analysis of the target to the original distance, speed and direction data. This allows 4D millimeter wave radar to compensate for the problems of traditional millimeter wave radar by integrating the 4th dimension into traditional millimeter wave radar to better understand and map the environment, allowing more accurate traffic data to be measured, and some low line beam LIDARs are likely to be replaced by 4D imaging millimeter wave radar.