C-V2X mmWave Radar
2022-04-24 416

Whether it is the development of intelligent driving vehicle technology or the construction of intelligent high-speed, only starting from one aspect cannot guarantee the absolute safety of intelligent driving. How to build a smart expressway, the industry has proposed a construction framework - a smart expressway should have a road perception system, high-precision positioning and high-precision maps for the entire road section, roadside V2X communication system for the entire road section, and cloud monitoring and computing platform system.
● Vehicle-road coordinated expressway
The roadside side conducts traffic situational awareness of the entire road section, and transmits the perception results to the autonomous vehicle for decision-making through V2X communication, providing roadside data support for the perception system of the autonomous vehicle for autonomous decision-making, and escorting autonomous driving.
● Semi-automatic high-speed
The autonomous decision-making control of autonomous vehicles is mainly used, and the roadside perception decision-making control is supplemented to achieve the purpose of active safety. The autonomous vehicle makes the final fusion decision based on its own perception results and the high-precision local dynamic map and control instructions transmitted by the roadside (combined with the cloud-based collaborative scheduling results).
● Fully automatic high speed (super high speed)
The autonomous decision-making control of autonomous vehicles is supplemented by the roadside perception and decision-making control, which makes low-cost autonomous vehicles possible, and finally achieves the goal of achieving high reliability and active safety under low-cost hardware.